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Another mid-week music post

Missed doing this on Friday (what else is new) so here's your latest set of beautiful tracks. This time we're going to keep things low and slow, saving the house bangers for next time.

Illenium is a DJ named Nick Miller and I've no idea why this track is tagged with #dubstep and #skrillex because I don't think it's either of those things. Instead it's a lovely melodic dance piece featuring some beautiful vocals from a singer Joni Fatora (http://www.jonifatora.net/) whose debut EP is just out now. I must take a moment to say this is the most unreadable Web site I've seen since Flash went out of style. It uses a dreadfully small poorly kerned font in white text on a light blue-gray background. If you can read it you have better eyes than I do. Fortunately her voice is a lot better than this design, but sheesh.

Most of the things I link to have fairly high BPM, but I can still appreciate a good slow track, like this one. This is RAC's slinky melodic slow-mix of Bob Moses's "Tearing Me Up" (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T4oUeqOkb90). It's not hugely different from the original, but the remix adds some layers of sound, smooths some of the original's roughness, and just generally leaves me thinking this should be playing as part of foreplay. Also, am I the only one who hears echoes of Timbuk 3 here?

A little farther up the BPM scale, but still in the sexy department, comes Hooya's remix of Mako's "Smoke Filled Room" (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6TutIVpWf4U). The remix is more house and less frenetic than the original but still very vocal-centric and wants to win you over with beauty rather than force.

Loo & Placido produce a slow-dance mash-up take on Major Lazer's "Lean On" using some of the best chill/funk/soul sounds from Gramatik. I can't place exactly which track(s) they're sampling but it's still very close to the slow-dance vibe of the previous track.

This is a blast from deep in my childhood. The original "Wooly Bully" was something of a one-hit wonder back in the 60's and has showed up here and there in covers and references since then. This is an updated and funky take that is very true to the original. There's still the original blues rhythms that you heard in so many early rock hits but it's gently filtered. I bet I could still Twist to it, though.
Tags: hooya, illenium, joni fatora, loo & placido, music, paul fabian, rac

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