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An interesting blog entry in which Lance Haun (who used to write the "Your HR Guy" blog) takes to task critics of millenials in general, and of Talia Jane in particular. ICYMI, Ms Jane used to work at Yelp (she got fired after publishing this piece and having it go semi-viral). She wrote a piece on Medium addressed to Yelp's CEO. It is indeed a cringe-worthy piece, full of the things that all-knowing 25-year-olds are so often very wrong about.

That is mostly Haun's point. We old fogeys were 25 once, thought we knew it all (and didn't), and made some of the same mistakes Ms Jane appears to have made. She's not uniquely bad, nor are her generation (millenials) uniquely bad. Haun points out that much of the criticism of Ms Jane includes classist and ageist privilege assumptions, and that though she might have been publicly wrong and foolish Ms Jane is far from alone in being an English major college graduate who cannot find a job that pays a living wage. Haun also takes the time to swipe at the techno-riche who expect there to be parking attendants and baristas and other service workers helping maintain their lifestyles in towns where there is no affordable housing, nor any of the other social supports that someone making barista or parking attendant wages would need to get by because they sure can't make it in Seattle or Portland or pretty much any city in CA on that income.

And yes, this is about politics because I think this exchange illustrates much of the frustration that is driving angry frightened people to vote for Trump and angry hopeful people to vote for Sanders.

Finally, it's about parenting because in a couple years my elder is going to decide about college and I can't figure out what I should tell him to do.
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