drwex (drwex) wrote,

Maybe Friday music posts on Friday can be a tradition

...but that would require doing it three times in a row, right? Well, here's today's sampler. This set has been largely influenced by my spending much of the week reading long and kind of boring spec docs at work. Having a certain kind of background sound helps me with that, so here are half a dozen high-energy dance-focused items.

Via a DJs from Mars promotion I found this mash by Ramzee 'Dragon'. It's a mostly instrumental mash, which is rare enough, combining two tracks I don't know into a fun electro-house mash with a good beat and yes, the typical house dance build about 2/3 through. For all that, I like it and the basic loop is catchy.

Another mostly instrumental electro-house dance track this from Alex Baboo/Jamaster A. This came up, I think, via following SoundCloud's "Related Tracks" since it's listed as a year old.

Hidden & Reign give up a nice prog-house track. I like this mostly for its use of soul vocal samples and riffs mixed in, leading to a great turbo-funk build around 1:15 in. I always thought funk was the badly behaved little brother of soul and there were lots of artists who crossed over back in the day. Hidden & Reign also pull in some nice piano solo licks and hip-hop vocals, making this track much more of a blender than you'd expect from a prog-house producer.

If turbo-funk and electro-funk aren't your thing then you probably want to skip this. It's a high-energy, funk-influenced mash from Nitro and Hampus Hytti (hey I don't make up those names, I just report 'em). This one is also billed as prog-house, and also includes a wide variety of influences including some funk but also straight up vocal electro-pop. All over a very energetic and danceable set of beats, of course.

Right, so take the turbo and turn it up another notch. Throw in some horns and dub reggaeton vocals straight up the middle. This is almost too frenetic for me (and I'm not a big fan of the electro) but I love the main riffs and high-energy vocals here. Henry Fong has me up and dancing.

Two samples from A State of Trance. I've been listening to a bit of ASoT and Who's Afraid of 138? lately as sound filler. I find I still prefer vocal trance but I still check back now and then to see if the style is producing something. The first, by Yoel Lewis, is pleasant enough with some interesting dashes of vocal. The second, from Chris Schweizer & Willem de Roo, is more in the 138 bpm vein and has more electro overlays. Both are good examples of where trance seems to be at these days, which isn't that different from the last year. If it's your thing, great, but I'll probably just dip my toes in now and then.
Tags: chris schweizer & willem de roo, henry fong, hidden & reign, jamaster a, music, nitro, ramzee

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