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Friday music on Friday, again

I am sad and somewhat angry so let me bury myself in music for a while. I make no apologies for the lack of coherence in this link set.

Courtesy of elfy comes Helium Vola (http://www.helium-vola.de/wohin/index.html) a German act that combines Medieval styles and cadences with modern sounds and influences. I have no idea why it's tagged instrumental because it's clearly not - the vocals are one of the best things about the track, as often happens with tunes that use simple instrumentation. This track is simple, spare, and more than a little haunting.

Puller, an Italian remixer, offers up his remix of "Bazaar" from KSHMR & Marnik (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KlJAiwwGHMg). The original is a fun Goa-influenced dance track; the remix speeds things up a bit and has a more intense feel. It's an interesting contrast between big dance anthem and tight club mix. I can't decide which I like more.

A.Skillz is a DJ I've been listening to off and on for a few years, but somehow have not blogged before. I hear this on, I think an "Alien Selection" podcast and tracked it down. "Jump Around," of course is one of those hip-hop standards that gets sampled all over the place but this is a more straight-up remix (re-edit). Neither the original nor the re-edit are that sophisticated; it's just nice to see the track get updated to current styles.

And while we're talking re-edits, here's a new take on "Body Movin", the old Beastie Boys standard but using new vocals. Maurizio Gubellini gives it a distinctive nu-disco touch but keeps the core beat throughout. I end up liking it even though I'm not a huge nu disco fan. I think it would've worked just as well with the original vocals, though.

I haven't linked any ghetto funk in a while, so here's dj roast beatz's 2016 take on a nu funk mash-up he did some time ago. At its core this is also a re-edit, this time of "Pump Up the Volume" - it's hard to believe that track is almost thirty years old.

Another Innerstate from Ummet Ozcan. Really a great set this time, with lots of fun and interesting sounds. I picked out the "Make the Crowd Go" track from Corey James. Like several of the tracks on this Innerstate, it has some obvious disco influences, as well as an interesting set of tempo changes and high-bpm passages.
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