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I broke my music-Friday string at two

Raise your hands if you're surprised. I blame a lack of good selections, plus listening to a lot of long-form items. The set of tabs I have for you today spans a vast set of styles.

Let's start off with a very chill dub mix from Lo End Dub via Migrant Beat Foundation, a collective put together to make music raising awareness and money for refugees, particularly those fleeing the Syrian civil war. If you like you can check out (and buy) the entire collection. I picked out this track because I think it's one of the best - I actually gave up about halfway through the collection because it went into areas I just didn't like. This is Lo End Dub (http://lo-enddub.bandcamp.com/) putting a sense of urgency into music that's normally very laid-back and mellow. I'm reminded of my first experiences listening to reggae and how those artists did a similar trick.

Speaking of reggae, here's a really intense funky remix by The Funk Hunters (Nick Middleton & Peter Bowles) of Chali 2na's "Guns Up", which he recorded with Damian and Stephen Marley - yes THAT Marley family. The track has strong jungle influences, more than a little d&b, and even some electro-dub stylings mixed in. I'm not sure that the high BPM really fits with the reggae style, but it's good to see people trying things outside the familiar patterns and the remix is very respectful of the original vocals.

Dropping down into house/electro-house ranges, here's "Know Me" from Barkley. Apparently this is his debut but I keep thinking I've heard this before. The vocals on the track are night-music soulful and give me hope that this will be a name to watch.

I can't believe I've been listening to Dada Life off and on for nearly a decade and yet never seem to have blogged them. They're Swedish and generally classed as electro-house, which this track definitely fits. The track is fronted by Lzzy Hale, who's generally known for metal but who shows up everywhere (like playing with Trans-Siberian Orchestra and Lindsey Stirling). I love the combination of house and metal aesthetics - my sole complaint is that the track is too short.

And finally, here is Husman "Atmosphere", fronted by vocalist Kelly Sweet. I heard an extended mix of this in an Ummet Ozcan set list and went looking for the original, which I like much better. It's lovely vocal trance material that makes me really want to hear with less auto-tuning. Sweet has potential but the production almost overwhelms what she's doing.
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