drwex (drwex) wrote,

Mini-music Thursday

I'm not at work tomorrow so there won't be a music post. Also, my mood has been terrible and there are few better ways for me to go on the good-mood-by-force-of-will tip than funk. So here's a fast Thursday double-shot of excellent funk.

First up, Basement Freaks do their tribute to the groundbreaking first generation of funk with a cover of "Booty Shakin'". I remember Parliament being so very deeply weird that their style, costumes, and visuals burned into my then-young brain in a way almost nothing else did. I mean, seriously, check out the bearded dude in the white ?wedding? dress playing guitar. Parliament always had the baddest horn section, an element I consider essential to good funk, and that's on fine display in this tribute.

And then we have Krafty Kuts doing a mash-up against Featurecast in a video that makes me sorry I don't have long hair anymore (though I really like the two bald guys). This is an excellent example of modern funk, very danceable and sharp with higher BPM than the classic Parliament but with the same brass aesthetic. I can't help grinning along while I'm chair-dancing.
Tags: basement freaks, featurecast, krafty kutz, music

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