drwex (drwex) wrote,

Clearing a music virus

Sense8 seriously music virused me last night (yes, I'm late to the game, yes I'm only a few episodes in - if you spoiler I will cut you). So, much as I like 4 Non-Blondes I'm going to try to scrub this out with other music. Turns out I have a lot of tabs open so I'll split this into two posts.

I know I've talked about Reload Sessions before but I haven't explicitly tagged them as such so I can't back-link. They're an occasional video series of talented but usually not-widely-popular vocalists doing mostly acoustic covers of pop tunes. This time it's Stephanie Rainey (http://stephanierainey.com/) with a single guitarist covering "Running" from Naughty Boys (and Beyonce). The original is a much more dramatic piano-heavy power ballad. It's always a risk covering a track done by a powerful vocalist and this track really polishes Beyonce's powerful voice to a fine sheen. The Reload obviously is a lot simpler and carries its emotional load differently. Both are excellent.

I've posted a lot of EDM here but there are variations and variants that I don't often cover. This is an old track that popped up in a recent set and reminded me how much I love the crossovers between Euro-American club music and traditional middle eastern styles. There's a swath of music that usually gets lumped under "world" or sometimes "bellydance" that starts on the west somewhere in Algeria, spans northern Africa and most of the modern Middle Eastern states (not excluding Turkey), ending up somewhere in Pakistan and western India - all of which I love. This is "Sandstorm" from Naked Rhythm, a track that's about 10 years old now but used to be a staple of my listening sets. Still love it.

In the same general vein but more modern here's "Selardi" from Sikada, which appears to be a stage name for one Leo James from the UK (https://soundcloud.com/sikadaofficial). The music is undeniably Middle Eastern-influenced as you can hear in its percussion, though the track notes claim it uses a guzheng - a traditional Chinese instrument. Despite those older influences this is still a high-BPM modern dance number.

Another of my favorite non-mainstream styles - reggae - gets front and center here in Featurecast's "999". It's labeled as both glitch hop (which it is) and ghetto funk (which it's not so much). Rock, dance, and reggae have traded genes back and forth since at least the 1950s so you'll find most any permutation that pleases you somewhere. This one is high BPM, electronic, and still something I expect Bob Marley would recognize.
Tags: featurecast, music, naked rhythm, sikada, stephanie rainey
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