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And while we're on the topic of gaming

sweetmmeblue sent me this link: https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2015/feb/04/pro-gaming-tournament-attempts-to-limit-gay-and-transgender-players?CMP=Share_AndroidApp_Google%2B

Let us count the number of things wrong with this... no, is too long. Let's sum up. Gay != trans. Neither has anything to do with gaming. Gah. We know all this.

Also, for the language nerds like me "pro-gaming" is not the same as "pro gaming." The former indicates someone is in favor of gaming; the latter indicates someone is a professional gamers. Apparently the "pro-journalists" at the Guardian failed to notice this.

THAT all said, Current Genital Load-Out is totally my new band name.
Tags: games, politics
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