drwex (drwex) wrote,

Here's a thing I noticed about me (body mods)

In this entry I use "I" as though I were one unified self; in fact what I've been trying to do is interrogate my instinctive reactions of attraction/aversion. I seem to have some weird mental categorization of body modifications.

In the OK category are things like piercings (all the way from conventional earlobe to genital) and tattoos, including hidden decorative, symbolic/religious, and large-scale art. I'm OK with women who choose breast reduction and people who choose various surgeries to get their bodies to conform to felt gender identities. I'm OK with waxing and shaving of body and head hair on both male and female bodies. I am OK with hair coloring, dying, perming, weaving, braiding, including using color to hide gray hair.

In the not-OK category are breast and penile enlargements, spray tans, botox, liposuction and various sorts of "lift" cosmetic surgeries. I seem to be not-OK with a variety of apparent-age reducing treatments used on the faces of both on men and women that go by a bunch of commercial names.

My rational brain can't come up with a good reason why my emotional brain is holding onto these two categories, but there they are - shouldn't a body mod be just a body mod? Brains are weird.

What's in your OK/not-OK camps? Or don't you have those?
Tags: thinky stuff
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