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I have nothing coherent to say about Prince, nor am I likely to. But there is still music in my world and some of it is really excellent. I'll save the best for last, naturally.

In case you didn't get enough house with your house last time, here is Pagano doing a remix of "Are You All Ready?" from Tony de Vit. It's energetic, high BPM, and with enough non-traditional influences to keep me interested. Like a lot of house tracks it can get a bit repetitive and I don't think it entirely does enough to justify eight minutes plus, but I prefer that to something chopped down to 3:30 that never has time to develop fully.

Mr Stabalina brings us a funky disco-y tribute to "Get Down". I'm far from an expert on sampling but I think they're pulling from the original Kool and the Gang track.

I don't blog a lot of downtempo/chill stuff. It's not that I dislike it so much as I'm usually listening for music that'll boost me up and get me going during a workday. This is kind of relaxing-around-the-house evening music. Glass of wine optional. Phaeleh's new EP, All That Remains, has at least these two tracks and they're beautiful. Like a lot of this (sub)genre it skirts the edges of somber, particularly the opening of "Mountain". It's also heavily electronica, which isn't everyone's thing.

Moving back uptempo, DJ Soak gives us "Run Away" with an interesting mix of styles. It's electro-house with some nu-disco feel. Mostly non-vocal, it's good background sound for focusing on other things.

OK, I did promise you something good so here it is. A new set posted by The Glitch Mob from Coachella this year. It's full of fun things, new things, and while it's not as good as seeing them it'll hold me for a while. Some of the tracks are Glitch Mob standards ("Drive it Like You Stole it"), and some are their favorite covers (the Daft Punk "Derezzed" is worth the price of admission on its own). There is also a great deal of edIT (one of the Mob core trio) which means the first half features more fast-pumping rap lyrics and hip-hop styling than you might be used to. Me, I love it - the lyrics are clever and the rapping is fast and tight.
Tags: dj soak, glitch mob, mr stabilina, music, pagano, phaeleh
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