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May 1, 2016 shall henceforth be known as "Well, THAT could have been worse" day

The day started out with the ongoing insomnia. But I did manage a nap in the morning, so that could have been worse.

D&D was fun. And by "fun" I mean I (apparently) turned purple from laughing so hard. sweetmmeblue had to caution one of the players to "stop breaking the GM". We haven't had a session like that in a long time. I miss mrf_arch, woodwardiocom, and harlequinaide who used to play with us and brought regular sharp witty humor. But we still manage to have a lot of fun when we can get together.

I reminded people we needed to end on time because we had tickets to see Bob Mould that night, leading Pygment to say "What?" Apparently when Ticketbastard created the calendar event for the show it set the visibility to "Private" rather than "Calendar Default." So I'd been merrily assuming we both knew what the plan for the evening was and she didn't see anything on the calendar. Fortunately no other plans had been made and the kids could be left alone so THAT could have been worse.

Then as we were cleaning up and getting ready to head out, Thing 1 took a tumble on the stairs down to the basement. I will here elide the number of times his know-nothing old man has previously warned him not to goof around on the stairs, especially while carrying a laundry basket. Fortunately he seemed to land mostly on his ass and elbows, not smacking his head, nor breaking any actual bones. He was a little shaken and had to ice his ass but all in all THAT could have been worse.

We checked him repeatedly for signs of concussion and saw none. Still, we left him with strict instructions that if he fell again, felt too dizzy to do things, or threw up he was to call 911 first and us second. Then we went to the Paradise, where we discovered we had no cell reception. After the opening act Pygment called home to find things had settled down, so THAT could have been worse.

Then we got to see Bob Mould at the Paradise. Note I say "see" because "hear" was not so good. I really utterly loathe that venue. The sound is terrible, the floor didn't actually squelch this time, but was distinctly sticky, there was no AC to speak of, and I ended up being annoyed that I could not really hear him doing most of the songs I came to hear. OK, this is Bob Mould so you sort of expect you're going to need earplugs - this is the guy who anagramed his own name to "loudbomb" at one point - but this was just bad. About 1/4 of the way through they replaced the foam cover on Mould's mic and that helped some. I actually took out the plugs so I could hear a couple of my favorite tracks unfiltered but had to put them back in.

Mould was in fine form. I've been listening to his stuff since late Husker Du days in the early 1980s and never seen him live. He's a couple years older than I am and he just blasted his way through a 75-minute set with essentially no breaks. The other two musicians on stage with him had to be half his age and they were working to keep up. I'm really glad I got to see him after listening to his work for all these years but I don't think I'm going back to the Paradise anytime soon. So it wasn't a great concert experience, but it definitely could have been worse.

Then we headed home, Pygment driving. On Storrow we hit a slick patch under an overpass near the Hatch Shell and spun out. The car hit the concrete pretty hard and one tire/wheel is pretty trashed. We went over a curb that no doubt did some undercarriage damage but managed to get the car to side of the road. No property damage, nobody hurt, and no other cars involved in the collision. We were both a bit shaken (she worse than I) but not significantly harmed.

I will not enumerate the number of ways THAT could have been worse. Trufact: Storrow Drive is remarkably busy at 11PM on a Sunday night.

We called AAA and they eventually figured out how to get a tow truck to us. Pygment was particularly underdressed for standing on the roadside but it wasn't freezing and it wasn't pouring so THAT could have been worse. Car's at the body shop, she has a rental, insurance processing is underway. Some months ago Pygment had questioned whether we wanted to maintain our AAA membership - we've had some financial rough spots and done belt-tightening in a couple areas. I decided to keep it and had the card in my wallet (like I always do). So THAT could have been a lot worse, too.

Life lessons you can walk away from are usually the best kind.
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