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An Extended Music Post

I've been holding off on posting until I got a solid block of time, but meetings and deadlines keep happening so I'm just going to open a post and start trickling links in. This set has some covers of beloved old tunes. Sorry I didn't have time to do my usual background linking and connecting. It's just tab-closing time.

Bingo Players have done a very modern somewhat electro-house rework of Suzanne Vega's classic "Tom's Diner." I like the original (despite it being played nearly to death on Top-40 radio) and I like the EDM elements that have been added here. My sole complaint is that the two aren't as well-meshed as they could be. Tom's Diner has some signature elements, of which one or two are well-captured here, but I can't figure out why Vega's vocals are dropped in and out seemingly haphazardly. Still worth checking out.

Armada Music has either upped their game lately or I've slipped back into a "who's afraid of 128" mode. I'm liking more of their tracks and will be posting a few here and there. This is a hot electro-bounce track from Sandro Silva, with a heavy helping of the fuzzy sounds. Serious chair-dancing time.

Filious covers Gorillaz "Feel Good, Inc." (can you believe that song is 10 years old now?) Unlike the "Tom's Diner" rework this one makes extensive use of the original vocals and has a light hand in updating the sound. The sound is what some people call "electro-lounge", kind of laid-back and low BPM.

EC Twins put this track out specifically looking for remixes so it's been kind of hard to track down the original. If you toss "EC Twins Compass" into your favorite search engine you'll get a sampling. I haven't done a compare-and-contrast (see above, busy) so let me just point out that the original is a fine work. It's listed as a prog-house tune and the vocals certainly fit that mold. The backing track is more bouncy and energetic than your typical laid-back prog track.

Speaking of oldies but goodies, Skee-Lo's "I Wish" has been sampled and mashed more times than I can remember. Bobby C Sound TV listed this as a remix but it's actually a mash-up of "I Wish" with some Stevie Wonder samples that I'm having a hard time identifying. It's a lot of fun, like the original which I remember as one of the first speed-rapping tunes I enjoyed, again about a decade ago.
Tags: bingo players, bobby c sound tv, ec twins, filious, music, sandro silva
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