drwex (drwex) wrote,

Oh yeah, I missed one

Actually, I think the saddest people in politics right now are the Republicans of the US Senate. Because here, ladies and gentlemen, are your options:

  1. Eat crow, admit that you were wrong, and give Judge Garland the hearing he deserves.
  2. Wait for President Clinton to send down her nominee.
  3. Wait for President Trump to send down his nominee.

Ahem, right. I'm not a huge fan of Judge Garland, but the fact is he's eminently qualified, has received bipartisan support in the past, is not known for holding hugely controversial views and fergodssakes he's an older white dude. Congressional Republicans are so used to treating anything Obama hands them as a shooting dummy they just about missed how much ground Obama gave in picking Garland.

Also, to be fair, Garland got handed an utter shit show after the Oklahoma City bombing, made a brilliant multi-agency coordination effort work, and set standards that have been used ever since. In the realm of "can cope" I don't know anyone more qualified.

Finally, anyone with a calendar and half a brain has to realize the next president is likely to have at least one more vacancy to fill during their term. Do the Senate Republicans really want to hand President Clinton TWO opportunities? Yeah, I don't think so.

It's time for these individuals to put their egos back in their pockets and start the hearing process. Garland may not make it - a hearing is not a confirmation - but the present farce is not going to end well for just about anyone.
Tags: politics
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