drwex (drwex) wrote,

Patti Smith could be really fucking brilliant... and weird


Another "Blank on Blank" piece that is nominally about Smith's feelings of having her record bleeped (censored) by the production company because she sang "fucking shit". But it quickly turns from that into a meditation on poetry, performance, and interpreting meaning.

I never saw Smith perform; I'm not even sure I would've liked to, if I'd had the chance. But listening to her talk I feel a direct line - which I'm still not fully able to articulate - between her ideas and Bob Mould's performance. Part of why I wanted to see Mould live (despite loud shows not really being my thing) and why I was so unhappy with the sound mix was the sense that I was missing out on the poetry Patti Smith is talking about.
Tags: bob mould, music, patti smith, thinky stuff
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