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I'm starting this music entry on Friday

Because a meeting got cancelled. No promises on when I hit 'post' though. My mood has continued to be utterly in the shitter, so several of these are going to be the sort of chair-dancing upbeat things I like to use to counter that sort of mood. There will soon be another post consisting of long-form listening but for now let's hit some quick tracks...

I'm continuing to listen to Ummet Ozcan's set mixes and sometimes I come across his original creations. This one I really like in part because it feels like an EDM homage to European heavy metal. From the symphonic opener to the solo guitar wail at about 0:40 to the choral refrains you get the sense that this is someone who grew up loving a similar sort of unabashedly pretentious prog and metal I did. Then about 1:30 when I'm already grinning the track drops into familiar electro-dance territory. "Megatron" indeed.

Frichte's "Nitro Fun - Dragonfly" compilation is kind of a made-up track picking bits and pieces of Nitro Fun's game-themed music. As such, it's very electro, kind of glitchy, and a little dubstep. I don't play enough modern electronic games to recognize most of the samples, but it's still a fun chair-dance track.

New CHVRCHES that sounds (to me) remarkably poppy. Their previous things I've noted have been generally listener-friendly but not out-and-out pop. I'm continuing to be sad I missed my chance at tickets to their local show this time around. Maybe I'd have a better sense for their sound - next time for sure.

Bounce, from MSTKRFT, is often called "All I do is party" after its repeated line. Here, that lyric bit is repeatedly sampled and played by Torren Foot & Ryan Collins over a heavy electro-bass rhythm. It's nohow the most sophisticated mix, but it's definite chair-dance material.

But don't stop there, if bouncy house is your thing. Premeson has a sweet energetic remix of JustLuke's "Settle My Heart". The original is heavily produced male-vocal pop that feels like it's aimed at teens (bubblegum much?). Then along comes Premeson with the 'move aside, kid, let me show you how the adults do it' effects and amps it all up. The vocals still work, but I vastly prefer the remix to the original.

Vicetone are continuing to find the core honey in tracks and then building interesting dance bits around those cores. This time it's Bonnie McKee's "I Want it All" (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pj_La4gaVIQ). The original has a very heavy autotuned sound and it's nice to see that stripped down and cleaned up for the remix. Once again I think it helps to have a second
Tags: chvrches, frichte, music, torren foot & ryan collins, ummet ozcan, vicetone
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