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I keep wanting to update

And it keeps not happening. The latest update is that Thing 2 came home from camp on Saturday with some kind of aggressive illness, quite likely viral bronchitis. The odds that Pygment and I have now caught it are higher than I like.

OTOH, both of us felt better after napping, so maybe it's just accumulated stress and exhaustion. So here's a very small update from me...

Thing 1 is still at camp. He asked to stay another two weeks - he's apparently been doing well there. We told him he'd have to pay for it. He agreed. Then we told him how much it was. He blinked and continued to agree. This means, at a minimum, he's going to be missing his Friday night D&D, weekend classes, occasional Magic evenings, and other pay-as-you-go Guard Up activities. We'd normally pay for those - instead, we'll deduct them from his debt.

Later this school year he'll have some kind of paid internship, which I think he imagines will pay off this debt. I don't think he's going to be bringing home as much money as he thinks, and I think it's going to be a shock to him when he's in debt and has no money to spend at Arisia.

But I also think it's WAY better for him to get a first-hand idea of what it's like to be in debt now rather than later...

Last Saturday's Thing 2 pick-up took much longer than anticipated, plus there was nap fail so we ended up missing a_t_swampends's family BBQ. I'm writing this down now so hopefully I'll remember next time - it's OK to go over at 6PM for an event called for 4-6.

It's a little funny because we rarely put end times on our events. Usually it's "until the last guest leaves or we throw you out and go to bed." Some of our regular guests are perennial late-nighters, and for a while we pretended great shock when r_ness showed up at any of our events before midnight. But kids and age and tiredness and caution have gained the upper hand these days. What about you? If an event has an end time stated, how do you feel about showing up at or near that end time?
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