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Another long-form-music post

I want to close out the last set of tabs I've backed up for the past month so I can open new ones. A couple of the usual suspects here and a couple new.

Ghetto funk EP from DJ Roast Beeatz. Five lovely tracks in variations on a style. It slides a little sideways into glitch at times, but overall this is the new old stuff I really dig.

The Funk Hunters' fifth podcast actually showed up about a month ago, which tells you how far behind I am because I loved it from first listen. I particularly like that this mix has a number of instrumental and acapella items. The entire 'cast is full of luscious phat horns and wonderfully stompy beats. I know this is not everyone's definition of "all good" but it sure is mine.

Hidden & Reign teamed up with Jacob Ferrer to produce this "Festival Essentials" mix. In a way it's a Best of summer 2016 remixes with almost every track edited down to fit the hour-long requirement. That makes for some choppiness but I liked it anyway. Most of the tracks are A|B mashes of various house bangers so you have to be in the right mood for that kind of thing. It's hard to pick favorites from this set but the two that most caught my ear were the first two tracks. "Faded Lights" is Dannic mashing Alan Walker's 'Faded' against Dannic and Amersy's 'Lights Out'. The result is a strong electro-house banger with good sustain. Though if you're not completely DONE with "Talking Body" the next track is a nice Tove Lo/Tom & Jame mash-up that I also enjoyed.

I've been linking Ummet Ozcan's radio shows for a while now - this is his live set at Tomorrowland. It's not bad, as live set recordings go. Unfortunately there's no set list so I can't pick out favorites. I'm pretty sure I recognize some of the tracks from his shows, though.
Tags: dj roast beatz, funk hunters, hidden & reign, jacob ferrer, music, ummet ozcan
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