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Speedy music post

Going to try to launch this one between the lines today, otherwise it's Monday and you want these sets to improve your weekend.

Before I start the longer-form things, I wanted to share this "future funk" track from Griz called "Before I go". It features singer/songwriter Leo Napier (http://www.leonapier.com/) who looks NOTHING like he sounds, sorry. And who has a terrible Web site, but who cares when he can sing like that? Griz does a great job with the first half of the track then decides for some reason he need fuzz electronica to go along with the vocals and horns because Reasons. I don't think they add anything and fortunately they don't overdominate the soulful and, yes, somewhat funky riffs.

First of the long-form listens is Freemixed Nuts' EP compilation of funk and soul from eight new-to-me artists. Vocals that come straight out of motown, and liberal lifting of jazz riffs complement the underlying funk beats. As with the Griz tracks there's also fuzz electronica mixed in here and there so maybe it's a thing and I should get used to it. The EP is available for free download and there are links to each of the performers' sites and feeds in the More Info. Check 'em out.

Another good Innerstate collection from Ummet Ozcan. As befits the season it has more summer festival dance banger entries than other mixes. Of those, I think I like "Let's Go" from Rick Mitchells best for its unpretentious/unashamed let's bounce up and down fun aesthetic.

OK, back to the funk. I could say just play this because it's an excellent 85 minutes of funky goodness but let me tell you about some of my favorites from this set. CAZZETTE's "She Wants Me Dead" (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FHccClTAdzc) which I love for its horns and fast vocals. Or maybe you'd rather enjoy the vocals of Angela McCluskey as she does "The Little Things" with Big Gigantic, who actually have a couple entries in this set. But this lady has pipes and the music backs them well - it's a little torch singa, a little modern, a little funk, and a lotta phat horns. DeFunk has a lot of their own work in this set, like their remix of K Theory's "Things I Like To Do" (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uL071ZgoM50) which comes off as hip-hoppy, jazzy, fast-breakin' funk. I wish it was longer, but I say that about a lot of things. Or if you're more in a ghetto funk mood you might go for Stickbuds' remix of "Bust a Move" from Young MC (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AtR_2zIfP44), which revives an old-school hip-hop favorite and updates it to very modern sensibilities.
Tags: defunk, freemixed nuts, griz, music, ummet ozcan
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