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F*ck that, let's do music

I'm staying late at work again, partly because work is super-busy and partly because I need to head to MIT in a bit to get some food and go to an Arisia concom meeting. The set of tabs I have open is laughable and I have minimal time to do my research and cross-checking that I usually do for these posts. So excuse me if I just dive right in; for the first batch I think I'll give you a couple of the not-the-usual...

Jax Jones's "House Work" is a tight, slightly fuzzy electro-house tune - that's the first link. The track came out this summer and has guest appearances from MNEK, who has gotten Grammy nominations for work fronted by people like Beyonce and Madonna, and Mike Dunn, a longtime Chicago house DJ/producer.

Turn that over to SNBRN who comes out with a deep house remix that removes a lot of the fuzz and downplays the electro in favor of a stronger bass line and thrum. I think the remix is better than the original, but I can see the appeal in each.

I'm linking this one as much for the novelty as anything else. I can't recall ever hearing a KT Tunstall remix before. I'm not actually a Tunstall fan to begin with so I can't give this the same ear as a real fan could, but I still think it sounds good. You've got about a minute of intro and then the track kicks into higher gear with something that isn't the traditional EDM 'drop' but serves the same purpose. The original (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OLTi_Eu5mtM) has Tunstall's vocals wrapped in some pretty obvious heavy autotuning and overproduction. The remix strips a lot of that away, which is a nice change.

I thought I had blogged this a while ago and I'm pleased to see it's well over 15 million views now. Swing either never went entirely out of style or has been back in style for as long as I've been paying attention. Along with that style has come something called electro-swing that combines swing traditions (rhythm, energy, acrobatic dancing, instrument selection) with EDM sensibilities. Here AronChupa puts electronic and acoustic instruments together with Little Sis Nora's torch-hot vocals to create a fun electro-swing number with some really nice dancing in the vid.

I'm pretty sure that Hungry Lucy came to me off my work music Slack and it's definitely not my usual fare. It's got some electronica but what makes the track good is the haunting front vocals. I'm generally a fan of trip-hop but it's not often this dark.

iMAD takes a 1960's classic "These Boots Are Made for Walking" and gives it a distinctly modern groove-house feel. Not my usual but like the Tunstall I can't recall ever hearing this one get a remix before so I thought I'd link it and see what you all think.
Tags: aronchupa, bitfunk, hungry lucy, imad, jax jones, music, snbrn
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