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Mid-week music madness

All my meetings today got cancelled (madness!) so let's see if I can turn out a music entry or two. I'm still hurrying so apologies if the research isn't as deep as at other times. I have both massive amounts of excellent funk and some long sets marked but I think I'll put the other things in here and save that for another entry.

Grooevelectric's "Resplendent" is a lovely prog-house hour-plus with a strong electronica influence. I ended up playing this first time through one one of my late-night work sessions and I think it's perfect for that kind of thing. It's generally faster-paced than most prog-house stuff and the lack of vocals through most of it makes it good working background for me. Of the selections here I think I like Exoplanet's "Crystal Garden" best (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LqQwt8SMtI8) - here in its Mindaugas Jax remix form. I still think of this kind of music as the spiritual children of Jan Hammer, which is OK with me.

ANILAH gives us an extended interpretation of a medicine chant. In several Buddhist and Native American traditions a musical chant can be used for medicinal purposes. Some of them are mental - healing the minds of the chanters - while others are more literal prayers for healing of the bodies of people over whom the chant is performed. This particular rendition is more highly produced and has additional layered voices compared to chants I've heard before. Still a very deep and rich set of sounds.

Bridging back toward my more traditional sound selections, here's Steve Aoki's bouncy and energetic remis of AWOLNATION's "I Am" (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QLZkf6HvO2Q). The original is a low-key, vocal/piano-centric piece from which only the key vocal chorus survives in this remix.

I'm continuing to follow Angelika Vee in hopes she'll break out with something massive. In the meantime she continues to do reliably excellent work like this one. Here she's fronting for Sons of Maria on their "Sweet Madness" track. The Sons are a pretty traditional deep-house/prog-house act and as a result the track has a heavy production hand on it. Vee's vocals still shine through, but it doesn't have the raw quality of her live-with-piano tracks. Still waiting.

I knew I'd blogged about the Maitre Gims "Est-ce que tu m'aimes" a while ago, but hadn't properly tagged it. That entry has DJ Stokholma's electro-house version of the original. This time we have DJ Dark and DJ George A going at it with a cover that has a female vocalist and is much more of a techno-dance-style mix. VERY different feel from the original, which is almost a lover's lament. To make matters even more confusing, they've retitled their version "Je t'aime" which got me confused with the (in)famous Serge Gainsbourg track (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rp7mamCpdcc). That one I remembered from back in the 1970s when I listened to a bit of psychedelic pop, and then ended up reading its interesting history. It's interesting diversions like these that make these music entries take a while to write.
Tags: angelika vee, anilah, dj dark x dj george a, dj steveboy, exoplanet, maitre gims, mindaugas jax, music, sons of maria, steve aoki
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