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People who would rather not have their ears filled with politics, gather 'round. DrWex has some other options for you. Herewith long sets you can play when you want the good stuff.

A number of Burning Man performers have been posting their sets; I'll likely blog more. Right now, though I want to call attention to this one, which is The Funk Hunters "doing" Daft Punk. By "doing" I mean apparently they appeared on stage as Daft Punk, with the costuming and lights and all. Then they proceeded to do 45 minutes of funky interpretations of Daft Punk and Punk-style music. Worth noting is that despite having the heavy electro/synth of Daft Punk to work with they still brought a live saxophone player (GRiZ) on stage with them. As you'd expect, liking this set is going to depend on whether you like Daft Punk's music to begin with. I found the set extremely fun, danceable, and a great interpretation of the original.

Next up in the Burning Man set review is this DJ Mix from Dirtwire. I thought I'd blogged them before but apparently not; they're a CA-based trio of remix/original artists who I found because David Satori is 1/3 of them and also 1/3 of Beats Antique. This set has a mellow and almost country-style twang sound combined with some of the complex rhythm patterns that you hear in some of B. A.'s better tracks.

Returning to GRiZ, here he is hosting "All Good Radio", an hour mostly consisting of soulful, funky, danceable sounds from The Geek x Vrv. It really feels like this music should be coming out the open door of a smoky red-lit basement club somewhere very cool. Two sounds you'll hear in this set that I wanted to call out: first, GRiZ's own "Smash the Funk" (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UsSzq5h2-tc). I've heard this sampled approximately everywhere and it's worth pointing back to this version. Then there's Jenaux's remix of "I'll Take You" (https://soundcloud.com/jenaux/sets/mstr-rogers-ill-take-you). The original (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=duTPsznmSlU) is not bad, but I don't like the way the high vocals are mixed in. In the remix you get the vocals moved to the background and made less aggressive and the front has a strong beat. IMO a really good example of how a remixer can take a track to the next level.

I have more Funk Hunters marked to share but I think I'll close out this post with a pair of remakes of old favorites instead:

Who doesn't love a "We Will Rock You" mash? Here someone calling themselves Jairb has mashed it with a WWE wrestling theme (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fj9ala8nZ7U) - who knew wrestlers had theme music?

And for those old enough to remember and have some nostalgia for Tone Loc here I give you Dorade & Wonkers' take on "Funky Cold Medina". It's a little bit more disco than I'd like but the original was also a bit silly in its day so that's just in keeping with the theme.
Tags: daft punk, dirtwire, dorade & wonkers, funk hunters, griz, jairb, jenaux, music
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