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And after that, music

I think I may switch to having the VNV icon as my default. In case you've forgotten or not known, VNV stands for "Victory, Not Vengeance" and the group's motto is "One should strive to achieve, not sit in bitter regret." It seems wholly appropriate for this moment.

Also appropriate for my mood right now is some of the most amazing flow I've heard in a long time. Ghettofunk Allstars is a group I've not blogged before, apparently, which is really a shame. They're amazingly good at combining some of the great tracks of hiphop and its roots with modern sensibilities. This set, apparently recorded live, also includes rappers in the style I like. Hours of fast words and sharp lyrics and nary a b* or n* uttered.

If I haven't abused your patience with one long set let me share with you another great hour and 45 of Fort Knox Five. I originally found these guys through DJ Steveboy and I'm glad I did. This is another live set - this time from Shambhala - and the range is amazing. You've got old-style funky disco tracks, spontaneous acapella bits, and sounds from classics like Jimi Hendrix and Earth, Wind, and Fire, not to mention Steely Dan, Talking Heads, and the Eagles.

Rudeejay is a DJ from Italy who I bumped into early this year. Many of his tracks use songs in Italian, so most of them aren't familiar to me. But you can't miss "Blue" no matter what language it's done in. This is a fun dance banger.

I've been actively avoiding "angry" music for a while now because FUCK YOU TWO THOUSAND SIXTEEN. This is about as close as I'm willing to get, a heavy bass-centric dark track from I am Sid that reverberates with the kind of energy one might march to. If one was still very very angry.

Just in case you wanted to skip that last one or need an antidote let me give you as close as I am likely to get to a silly electro-pop track. SoundCloud frequently puts up "promo" tracks that it thinks will appeal to me and this one has appeared a couple times. Eventually it grew on me - yes, it's cheesy pop, but I like the faux steel drums and the the male vocals that come in about halfway through. It's catchy and a bit infectious. Come what may, I'll be singing.
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