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To done, and a bit of status update


1. Now a monthly supporter of ACLU. There will likely be more organizations I need to kick up my donations to. I feel like those that take the fight to the courts (Lambda Legal and NRDC to name a couple I support) are going to have their hands full really soon.

2. Potential schools investigated, except BU. Basically, any school we'd consider sending our kids to is going to be way more progressive than the state or the nation.

3. Packed boxes (100) for troops overseas to receive during December holidays. It was easy work, and the best part was we got to write personal notes to include with the boxes. It was interesting to see the differences in styles. I wrote personal things and tried to keep in mind that the person reading my note might not celebrate Christmas, nor particularly want to be reminded that even if they did they were spending this Xmas away from their families. So I wrote about thanks and that they were not forgotten because they were far away. I wished them a safe return home. A couple of my coworkers (both younger females) had a great time decorating their notes with colorful depictions of Christmas themes and items like wreaths and reindeer. I can't help but see how much these differences say about us and I wonder what the reactions will be of people who get such different missives.

I'd like to find another organization or opportunity to do volunteer work. I'm not very good with "get involved with Organization X" but find it satisfying to "help Organization X do good thing Y".


Emotionally I'm not doing all that great. I feel worn down and very raw all the time - I said to mizarchivist that it feels like most of my nerves are on the outside these days and I realize my reactions are going all out of proportion.

I normally dislike this (Xmas shopping-binge commercialism) time of year anyway. But the amount of sheer RAGE I felt on seeing an advertisement that equated "being thankful" with "here's a chance to spend more money" was pretty high. It makes all kinds of interpersonal interactions really hard.

Seriously, though, do not equate "giving thanks" with "spend money" around me, please? That's just Not OK with how the world is right now.
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