drwex (drwex) wrote,

To pin

Last time I was uncertain whether or not to wear a safety pin. I'm still open to comments and discussion, but for now I'm wearing one.

Certainly the encouragement from friends helped. I also feel a great deal more under personal threat now that we've seen the fucking Nazis (yes, the actual ones plus their wannabe coattails) crawl out of the woodwork and give Trump the proper straight-armed salute. So, yeah, I'm wearing a safety pin.

I don't actually expect any random person of color to feel better about my wearing it - there's still no reason for them to trust me, nor feel like I'm not carrying a false flag. But I also expect that white dudes who see it are going to notice and that's important. Trumpism is a white dude problem and we better figure out how we're going to fix it.

Plus two: my new favorite cow orker felt she should join me in wearing a pin. Together we explained to another young man in the office why the pin and why it was important. We'll see if he joins in.

ETA: other (young) white dude cow orker not only wears prominent safety pin, he carries a supply to offer people who want to wear one. We got to explain to yet another cow orker what it was all about, but she's still hesitant.
Tags: politics
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