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The last music post of 2016

Work has been dead but I've not posted music. Sue me. I still haven't sorted out the tags issue on DW so I'm going to originate this post on LJ.

This appeared on one of the "best of" lists I scan and I picked it out for comment. I like the video and the dancing. But mostly I like Underworld. I've been listening to them for a really long time and unlike other acts whose style has evolved away from what I like I feel that Underworld still makes new and interesting music that isn't the same thing recycled and yet is unmistakably their sound. This is a great example of that. Seeing them live is still on my bucket list, though I expect it'll cost a fortune if I ever get a chance to do so.

"Last Night a DJ Saved My Life" is one of those tracks that's been around forEVER. I had to look it up - it was released back in 1982 and yet it persists in the club scene. It gets remixed a lot and occasionally covered. Of the past efforts, my favorite remains the Milk, Inc version (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HEMov9b37Jw) and recently this edit from Coco Fay caught my ear. It's a little nu disco, a lot electronica, and a nice update on a classic.

Jacob Banks put together a nice combination of jazzy sounds, African-influenced backing vocals and rhythms, and modern EDM beats. Then throws in some fast-slinging rap vocals. I know that's not everyone's cuppa but I really like the use of a variety of styles and influences.

This is a fun mash using several well-known base tracks and updating them as they get mashed together. WBBL throws in the Dibby Thing, which I'm not that fond of but I like the other sources well enough to overlook the repetitive dibby.

I wanted to end the year with something chill. Given what a rampaging shit-show it has been I feel a need to draw a deep breath and try to let go of some of the tension. To that end, here's EZPZ from DJ Steveboy, a chill and relaxed mix he put together some months ago. Easily my favorite track of the set is pulled out in the second link: Wild Culture's "Fade". I love the vocals, and the relaxed beats behind this one.
Tags: coco fay, dj steveboy, jacob banks, milk inc, music, underworld, wbbl, wild culture
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