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Simple self-help

Had a lovely dinner and drinks last night at Cuchi-Cuchi (*) with silentq (sorry, still haven't figured out name-linking in DW). Our evenings are infrequent so there's a ton of catching up and sharing we do.

Among the things we talked about was the sense that we're in a marathon here. Yes, there's a Gish Gallop of awful coming at us, and I expect another one as soon as all the rich white guys(**) in the Swamp Cabinet get into their positions of power. But this is a four-year marathon, not a four-week or four-month sprint.

To that end, we've both been reading a variety of self-help and self-care guides for activists and this morning I came across a really simple rule of thumb from another context that I think applies here: HALT

If you are Hungry, Angry, Lonely, or Tired you are likely to make mistakes, increase your local life negatives, and be less effective. Angry is a tough one - this shitstorm makes me (us) angry a lot, but acting out of anger isn't an effective counter-strategy (see "don't initiate punching Nazis" and the mess at UC Berkeley). The advice is this - if you are in one of those states, halt what you're doing and see if there's something you can do about it.

I particularly like the "lonely" one. We who want to act may find it's more effective to join an existing organization than to work alone. This fight can be isolating and our President is doing a great job of gaslighting the opposition. That's a very lonely-making situation. I feel lonely a lot - to some degree these writings are a response to that. Do what works for you to counter your loneliness because you are not alone in this.

HALT, it's a thing to think about.

(*) Highly recommended. http://cuchicuchi.cc/ - great drinks, a wide variety of small plates, fun ambiance.

(**) No I haven't forgotten Ms DeVoss. I hope her nomination gets blocked - we're close. But seriously, this is the oldest, whitest, male-est, richest cabinet in decades.

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