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Music from friends

I still haven't dealt with the tags thing over on Dreamwidth so music posts will still originate here for a while longer. I have a bunch of open tabs but politics and life stresses have eaten a lot of hours when I'd normally be listening and filtering material. Fortunately I have some help this time around.

The first two items come from sovay and they're both ... well, hot.

Sxip Shirey is an unusual enough name to ring a bell but I had to go searching online to find where I'd seen the name before. Back in 2009 he did the score for an otherwise-silent short film called Statuesque written by Neil Gaiman and featuring as one of its human-mannequin performers Amanda Palmer. This first song is a straight-up bluesy vocals piece sung by Rhiannon Giddens. The track is an excellent example of what a good voice can sound like without the highly overproduced sounds we usually get.

And then there's this, "Cinnamon Stick". I recommend you absorb it twice, as I did. First just listening. Really nice upright bass and voice piece, a combination you don't hear often. Notice but try not to get too distracted by the lyrics, which aren't particularly subtle but OK. Then watch the video and... oh, boy. I'll be in my bunk.

This "One Woman Army" from Porcelain Black caused a small knock-down drag-out in our listening Slack. The poster is a fan of P.B. and the semi-industrial dance-pop genre. Others were like, "Meh, pop is pop". To me this feels like yet another in the "ooh look how transgressive I am while I writhe around scantily clothed" genre. Madonna, Britney, Christina Aguilera, Gaga, and so on. The pop is catchy but as MizA pointed out, no one in the video actually appears to be enjoying themselves. Which is really sad because at least one person gets a full-on two-hands grope of some very nice naked Porcelain Black breasts - that alone would make me smile. Compare and contrast with Cinnamon Stick which is all about exploding your heteronormative ideals and everyone seems to be having a great deal of fun.

I wish I could remember the origin of this one but it's been too long since someone sent me the link. Solange is a lovely-voiced jazz singer and the video has luscious saturated colors throughout. I like her vocal range, too, but the song just sort of drifts off at the end.

This was the soundtrack for the best performance at the Arisia bellydance show this year. The song is tight and well-slung and I really love how it alternates between fast rapping and slow nearly drawled lyrics. There are several versions of the video around; I picked this one because it's the kind of three-minute storytelling that used to characterize videos back in the early days. You don't see a whole lot of that anymore, which is both OK and a shame in its own way. Tech N9ne's choice of Kendall Morgan to do the vocal counterpoints really works well.
Tags: kendall morgan, music, porcelain black, rhiannon giddens, solange, sxip shirey, tech n9ne
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