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Friday music on Monday

Continuing to originate music posts on LJ for now. Unfortunately most of these tabs have hung around long enough that I've forgotten where they originated. Apologies if I'm not giving proper credit somewhere. Generally I find things first on Soundcloud or in one of the email lists I get. If I'm looking up a specific track there's a good chance I'll find it first on YouTube and that's what I link. If it's a SoundCloud link then it probably appeared either in my "stream" there or via a recommendation there/

There's a strain of old funk that's basically the "bow chica bow" strain and I'm sure there's a less crass term for it, but play this track and you'll know what I mean. Myshell's (http://www.myshellmusic.com/) remix of "All That You Need" is a funky progressive electro track with all the bow-chicka you could want and a nice example of the new-old funk I like.

Picking up the pace slightly, but still with a distinct funk influence, Chunky Dip Bootlegs give us their rework of Ed Sheeran's "Shape of You". The second link is the official video, which I also highly recommend. I mentioned last time that I'm fond of the three-minute storytelling kind of video and this one is interestingly different and I'm not quite sure what to make of that ending. The remix speeds up the original quite a bit and gives it electro-dance interstitial bits. This is a nice example of how a good remixer can take a good original and create a thing that is wholly different and interesting in its own right.

Speaking of remixes, here's Father Funk doing his version of "Til It's Gone" from Illvis Freshly. Once again, the second link is to the original, which is much more of a rap piece. Father Funk strips out the fronting raps and substitutes a fuzz-heavy electro-funk set of beats that are totally conducive to chair-dancing. The rap vocals do come back in, but sped up and muted to fit in with the new style. If you're asking me to rate things I have to go with the Father Funk version because it's much more in my wheelhouse but I can see the value in both. Know what I'm sayin'?

Among the people whose recommendations I follow are DJs from Mars. I'm less fond of where the DJs have gone lately with their style but they still tend to hear new and interesting things and promote them. This is a pretty standard dance banger with some pretty (if overtuned) vocals. Kygo's "Oasis" (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6uAk2BZmGcA) was a pretty pop summer confection from last year. SteDeeKay works from that basis, so you're still getting the standard loops and beats but it's a nice way to wind up a pop track into something more danceable.

Steve Boyett has just revamped his sites and it's about to get harder to link to these mixes. I've got another one lined up but it'll take a little more doing for you to be able to see the set list. Meanwhile, enjoy this while it lasts. "Friends with the Dark" is a lovely dark slinky night-time set from DJ Steveboy that has formed the background to a couple of work sessions so far. There's no one specific stand-out track, which is just as well from something like this.
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