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Where did the time go (music)

Almost a month between music entries. Some reasons for this - work is busy. I'm busy. Politics continues to suck. And then there's the recent trend among artists and DJs I'm following to do weird-ass electronic glitchy dub-wub what-the-everlovin stuff. I'm listening to a track and mostly enjoying it when the DJ decides "Hey, look at what happens when I twist THIS knob all the way to 11!" And I click on to the next thing. So, yes, I'm still listening to a lot of music but not blogging much. Still, three weeks worth of a bit of this and that might make a post, so here we go.

I mentioned Dirtwire back in November of last year then re-found them recently because of a discussion in our Listening Slack channel on interesting uses of violin in modern music. I love this video as well, which features an underwater dancer named Hannah Fraser. I like what she's doing here and plan to track down more of her stuff.

Another one off the listening channel. Another side-conversation from a "oh this reminds me of that" and so on. I like it, though it's not my usual fare. The vocals are clean and though I think the orchestration is a little heavy it's still got the basic rhythms and guitar flourishes I'm used to from fairly modern Celtic-inspired rock. Blackmore's Night (http://www.blackmoresnight.com/home) is actually that Richie Blackmore so, yeah, I'm late to the party as usual.

Opiuo (please don't ask me how to pronounce it) posted this excerpt from their second full-length album. It's a funk-beat, electro-bass, mostly instrumental track that includes a little glitch without going off the rails. Maybe funk is just too strong...

I've been hearing this a lot recently and decided to backtrack it a little bit. Crywolf's "Quantum Immortality" is the sort of dark, sultry, deeply sad track I sometimes put on late at night. I'm surprised this hasn't been picked up for a movie soundtrack, yet. It has the kind of sound and rhythm that make it a perfect backdrop for the protagonist's long-shot walk toward their fate. There aren't many male-fronted acts I know these days doing this kind of thing and the track does a nice job of vocal mixing along with the tempo and feel changes. Some places label it dubstep but I think that's an error - it's fairly standard slow EDM.

In a somewhat similar vein, here's Djenergy's take on "Mind" originally from Skrillex and Diplo (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fDrTbLXHKu8). I continue to like Skrillex in partnership with other people much more than I like him on his own. Here Djenergy has slowed things down a little, taking out the wub and scratchy glitch from the original, leaving a smoother and more melodic version that I think does more justice to Kai's vocals.
Tags: blackmore's night, crywolf, dirtwire, djenergy, music, opiuo
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