drwex (drwex) wrote,

Because I am an evidence-driven person

I'd like my LJ-centric readers primarily to comment. I get far more comments there than here (dreamwidth).

Some of the people who migrated to DW after the LJ servers were initially moved into Russian territory, like myself, have been assiduously cross-posting and permitting comments there. Recently LJ pushed out a new set of terms, the only authoritative version of which is in Cyrillic. You can read their translation or Google's and you must agree to that translation prior to continuing to use your LJ account. At a minimum it seems weird to force me to agree to something that the author themselves asserts is non-authoritative.

People have used terms like "sketchy" to describe the agreement and the corporate behavior behind it. Nothing I read in either translation seemed particularly sketchy. And when you get down to it the fact that Putin's thugs now have physical access to the servers renders any user agreement moot. They'll take what they want and decide afterward how big a trail of bodies to leave.

Still, it's increasing the weight on the "get out of Dodge" side. Some people have reacted to that by cancelling and/or deleting their LJs. I'm likely to cancel my paid sub there once I de-lame. Another step has been to turn off comments on the LJ side, forcing people who want to comment to click through the link to the DW side where they can comment.

DW allows you to subscribe to, and give access to, LJ accounts so this behavior doesn't force anyone who wants to comment to create a DW account. The question, dear readers, is whether you'd object to or be less likely to comment if I took the same route and closed comments on the LJ side.

What say ye?

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