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I swear I'm going to write about music if it takes forever

I have a whole stack of things I've wanted to write but that got backed up behind the Charlottesville and fucking Nazi aftermath. So let's see if I can put this one together quickly; apologies if it's not as well-researched as I usually try for.

This came to me via my subcription to Aron Chupa's YouTube channel, which I set up after finding the delightful electro-swing piece from Chupa and Little Sis Nora. Here she is again, and the video is totally worth watching. I have a hard time classifying this music - it's definitely got a few swing beats in it, but it's also electro, and found-sound, and dance, and hey if you haven't ever heard someone rhyme Calvados then you should watch for that alone.

And if you think that's fun and don't mind your lyrics a little uncensored, here's Chupa again from an older (2014) track using the same linguistic twist. Here Little Sis Nora isn't directly credited but down in the video info you find a vocals credit for "Nora Ekberg", which I dig into a little further and find out is actually Chupa's sister. This track has some of the swing hints to it but is more typical electro-bounce. Still a lot of fun.

It feels like forever since I've written about funk, though I've been listening to a fair bit of it, as usual. Here, in a track from last summer, Big Gigantic (https://www.biggigantic.net/) do their "Bring the Funk Back" (like it ever left?). This track is a lot of funk and a lot of electro slammed together; I could do with less of the latter but I still found it worth blogging. It's interesting and ironic that this track comes off of Brighter Future an album dedicated to envisioning and making music for a brighter future something we need this year even more than last.

Todrick Hall is someone I hadn't heard of - I followed a curiousity link for Ru Paul and landed here, on "Low" by Hall, but featuring Ru Paul. Web searching tells me that he has been on Ru Paul's show "Drag Race" (see what I miss by not having a television?). I love the visuals in this video - lots of deep saturated lighting, fun dancing, and intense costumes. The rapping is good, but I find listening less fun than listening while watching. Those pyrotechnics and acrobatics would be particularly intense in person, I bet.

A variation on this 2014 track appeared on my stream and sent me looking for the original. The track is "Tortuga (Club Mix)" by DoubleV & Formal One, an instrumental club dance number with obvious overtones to the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, particularly in the whistled bits mid-track. I'm not in love with it (like I am with Chupa/Nora) but I liked it enough for a blog entry.

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