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Bam-a-lam (music)

Both the business of work and the dreadfulness of the US government's behavior have cut sharply into my music listening. What I have is a hodgepodge of good and OK things to report back on. But today I turned on my Soundcloud stream to find a nice Father Funk set (patience; it'll appear) and that reminded me it's been nearly a month since I did a music post, so here goes:

I'm still enjoying electro-swing. I have a Pandora station that I'm crafting to give me stuff I like, though their source selection just seems too limited. This one was actually posted by a coworker whose musical tastes don't overlap much with mine but I tried it anyway, and the first thing to fill my headphones was Caravan Palace's electro-swing take on "Black Betty". Find it at the second URL above. I've long ago lost track of how many variants of this Ram Jam classic I've posted. It's been remixed and reworked thousands of times and it's a perpetual favorite.

The mix has a lot more of a Roaring 20's feel than I'm used to and that's a nice variation. I tend to think of swing as originating in the 30s in Harlem but in the broader sense it goes back to uptempo jazz and the Charleston of the 1920s. I'm just biased because my parents used to play Cab Calloway and contemporaries.

---- the tracks below come with earworm warnings; I find each of them capable of getting stuck in my head. you've been warned -----

Discosid does his version of Jax Jones' very popular "You Don't Know Me." Another track that's been mashed and mixed a lot, and that I find gets stuck in my head in most every form. This is a fun little electro-bounce variant.

Yes, it's a "Macarena" variant. Sue me (or "die mad" as my favorite cow orker says). The original was stupid levels of overplayed, but having excised it from my rotation for a few years I find it tolerable. There's a reason the original was popular - it's catchy. Billy The Kit's version is kind of a big-boom take on the original.

RAC does what he does best - take a popular track and give it a high-production EDM spin. In this case, it's The Naked & Famous "Higher" (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GCsyXSr7u-Q - in case you've somehow forgotten what the original sounds like). It's a modern power-female-voiced ballad that RAC smooths out and lengthens. I think it's an example of his style at its best - the remix retains the good parts of the vocals and if you can get past some of the lyrical bits (sorry, but 'genuine' and 'skeleton' don't rhyme the way I pronounce them) it's a good song. But definitely an earworm for me.

And what would any earworm section be without a Muppets Show theme song? Poorer by a lot, that's what - hush, you in the back. DJ ZsuZsu give us a very swing-influenced show tune that, say it with me, is going to get stuck in your head.

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