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Long music post is long

I know this is going to take a while to do, if only because I want to re-listen to all these sets in order to comment on them. So I'll say I started this on Jan 3 and let's see when it posts.

Following up on last time's non-US music post here's two hours of very chill global music. I'm not normally this big a fan of chill, but this is good nighttime music. It's a style I call "liquid" which probably makes no sense if you're not listening to this and not me but it's the word I have to describe how Tah Rei makes the music flow.

Markus Schulz brings his "global DJ broadcast" mix for 2017 year-end. It's 40 tracks that are pulled from the previous year. It begins with Kate Bush and ends with Linkin Park and includes a couple of Schulz's own works but mostly pulls from a variety of names. Stylistically, it's a lot of tech-house, vocal trance, and chair-dancing fun.

CMC and Silenta have their 2017 Shambhala mix up. It's a lovely hour-and-a-half of electro dance. A bit heavy on the fuzz and wub but I don't mind it so much in context with other things in the mix. In particular, this mix has some nice reggae and funk entries and that's always a way to get on my good side. I have a couple more Shambhala mixes I want to post but not all at once.

Ummet Ozcan continues to produce interesting sets under his "Innerstate" logo. I could pick one as easily as another, though I've been avoiding blogging a lot of them because they're overrun with wub and at some point I turn it off. I figure if I'm not even able to get through one listen I shouldn't inflict it on you. This one has a much higher dose of disco than usual but push through that and you're rewarded with a couple real gems. The first is Sonny Zamolo's "Arslan" (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GqpJbTOBjKw) and then Showbiz, Divolly Markward Vs Balkan Beat Box doing "Smatron" (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AzxCJWG6cEE) which has some quintessentially BBB riffs in a hot fun wrapper.

(and now it's nearly a week later and I hit post)

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